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Stationary Design

Does your business project a professional, credible image offline as well as online? Professional Stationery Design by Pearl Lemon Design will help make sure that it does.


Does Stationery Design Still Matter?


In a world that now seems to be dominated by digital communication, it's become easy to overlook the important role a unique and well-designed stationery set plays in identifying and branding a business, no matter how large or small and what niche it operates in.


From business cards, letterheads and envelopes, to labels, writing tools, promotional swag and more, custom stationery design can be used as an effective extension of your brand image and your brand message. Great stationary design lets you keep building the brand image you are creating online in the offline world with ease.


Why We Love Stationery Design


We love all kinds of design work here at Pearl Lemon Design, but stationary design is something that gives us the chance to have some fun and stretch ourselves in a different direction. There are so many different options to work with. Letterheads, business cards, promotional items and more. Paper choices, inks, textures, accessory packages and more all offer room to experiment and different ways to stand out.


Professional Business Stationery Design


There are lots of good reasons why personalized stationery items have been an integral part of corporate image and branding for centuries. The need for business cards is given. But business stationery design covers so much more.


Making company name, address and additional details available on a range of printed materials has both practical benefits and also makes an important contribution to any business's ongoing branding and marketing efforts. A professional stationery set can communicate so much about a business in so many ways.


Great, well-executed stationery design enhances marketing efforts, supports outreach and networking, creates brand awareness, and is just plain useful. Stationery leverages the company logo, taglines and overall design sensibility to speak volumes about a business and its products or services. That’s why we give every stationery design project our all.


Reinforce Your Brand Identity


Stationery design lets your company send a memorable, hands-on message from and about your company. Take packaging for example. Customers get excited when their goods arrive in eye-catching, memorable boxes. No matter what it is they will remember that the company that sent it to them made the effort to offer them an 'unboxing experience' that went beyond a plain brown paper wrapper. Add branded inserts and that effect can be doubled, tripled or more.


Your company website design and stationery design are two of the strongest projections of brand identity available. They are amazing strategy tools for attracting new business and ensuring respect and loyalty from current customers. Project a professional appearance and reinforce your brand identity with custom stationery design


We know that lots of places exist online that offer cheap and easy stationery packages. But those are created using generic, barely customizable templates. You need stationary design that reflects your unique company, and unique brand, completely. And only a professional stationery design can do that.


How the Pearl Lemon Stationery Design Process Works


The Initial Design Consultation


The stationary design process begins with a free, no-obligation consultation. We will discuss your current branding with you and your stationery needs. We will ask questions to discover what will suit your current branding, what your company does and what it stands for.


The Stationary Design Process


Once they have the information they need about your brand our designers can start work. There are a few things they will need from you. They will need a logo file in vector format. If you need a new logo, please contact us for a professional logo design first. Our stationery design team will also need to discuss with you what information, wording, and taglines they should incorporate into your stationery design.


You can expect to see your deliverables within 10-21 days, depending upon the scope of your project. We can provide  JPG, PNG, AI, EPS, and PDF versions of your work and/or help you get finished products like packaging developed and created for immediate use.


Stationary Design FAQs


Why is Professional Stationery Design still relevant?


Stationery design is something that has taken a backseat in modern times due to the advent of digital. Letterheads, business cards, packaging slips and inserts, promotional swag and other tactile mediums of connecting to audiences, just aren’t given their due.  


But doing so could cost your business big time. You miss out on branding and engagement opportunities that only physical materials can provide. While buying their items online, for example, can be a great experience for your customers, it won't be a memorable one until they get those goods in their hands. And if those goods come in beautifully customized packages then their experience is heightened tenfold.


Don't believe us? Take a look at some of the most popular unboxing videos online. They always begin with a critique of the packaging. Custom stationery design can ensure that that packaging makes a lasting impression and improves your customer's experience and boosts their perception of your brand.


I go to a lot of conferences and trade shows. I want a business card that really stands out. Can you design one?


Yes, absolutely. As we mentioned earlier, our designers love tackling custom stationery design because it's an area where they can really let their creativity soar. And as the Pearl Lemon Design team is made up of some incredibly talented designers that creativity is almost never-ending. We can bring all of that to creating a business card design that sets you apart from the crowd and ensures that you are memorable even after it's been filed away.


We have some existing stationary, can you modify and update that design?


We welcome all the input, samples and ideas that clients want to share with us. We may have new ideas, and reasons for some changes not being quite suitable but your design ideas will always be taken into consideration.


Can I have images included in my stationary design?


If images make sense then they'll be included. Often, however, the best professional stationery design is minimal and understated, and images get in the way of that. Image heavy assets also often cost more and are more complicated to print, so how that would fit into your ongoing budget is something to be considered and discussed as well.


I like the stationary one of my competitors uses. Can you design something similar?


We could, but that may not be the best idea. As a brand, you want to stand apart from, and rise above your competitors and mimicking their brand image will rarely be the right way to do that. Again, this is something we'll be happy to explain and discuss during your initial design consultation with the Pearl Lemon Design team.


Do you just send me design files or can you help me get my stationary created?


We can do either. As stationary design experts, our team does have a love of textures and paper types too, so if you need help fully executing your visions into physical products that's something we're happy to do. If, on the other hand, you just want a brand stationery design that you can then have created by your own suppliers then that's fine too.


I think I may need a new, or updated logo before I get custom stationery designed. Can you help?


Totally! We also offer full logo design services, and if a logo redesign is something you have in mind then we'd recommend exploring that avenue first.


I've heard people talk about the psychology of color in stationary design. Is that a real thing?


Yes. Psychology of color plays a large part in brand design in general. Corporations and businesses of all sizes have been making use of it for decades, and it can be very powerful stuff.


Although it's actually a complicated subject, here's a quick breakdown of just how color psychology works:


Our designers keep these color meanings in mind when creating your custom stationery so that everything we decide is sending all right messages and setting just the right brand tone. 


When my stationery designs are finished, will I own them? 


Yes, as soon as the project is complete and payment is made the copyright to your designs is yours. Pearl Lemon Design will keep copies in case you ever need to access originals, but the designs are and will remain, unique to your brand and your brand alone. 


Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about what custom stationery design from Pearl lemon Design can do for your business. 

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