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DESIGNER / Pearl Lemon Design

Kemistri is the personification of dating in the 21st century, a cutting edge matchmaking service for busy executives, high-flying entrepreneurs and other busy professionals. Making use of the both the expertise of professional matchmakers and the power of AI infused algorithms Kemistri is changing the way successful men date for the better and creating lots of happy ever afters along the way. 


In creating the website for our friends at Kemistri, we needed to find a way to match their high end brand reputation with a design that was classy and elegant without being boring. The design also needed to capture the modern vibe of the service without looking too technical. 


Making use of clear navigation maps, muted colours, professional copy and the best in appropriate stock photography, Pearl Lemon Design was able to create a site that performed well in terms of every technical site architecture and SEO test we ran it through, in the focus groups we ran it past and, most importantly, the clients loved the finished product.

Project 06

Project 06

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