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Project Docsify


Docsify is a tech startup based in the UK. The company has created a software tool that helps writers streamline their work by allowing them to transfer content from Google Docs to the WordPress interface quickly and easily, cutting hours off the usual time it takes to do this. 


In creating their website we matched the tone of their company and their product by making use of bold colours and fun graphics while ensuring that the customer journey is as seamless as possible.


Docsify is a newly launched SaaS offering that was created to make the lives of the countless bloggers, publishers, editors and other content creators who rely on the combination of Google Docs and WordPress to produce their best work. The software saves hours of time, leading to increased productivity and a boost to users' bottom line. 


For the Doscsify site we wanted to capture a simple, youthful vibe that was accessible and fun. The idea behind Docsify is that it is easy for anyone to use and so the website needed to be too, especially as an ecommerce transaction is at the heart of its function. 


Making use of bright primary colours and bold graphics and fonts Pearl Lemon Designs fulfilled the clients brief for a modern, fun site while still keeping the customer journey in mind at all times and ensuring the path to conversion was an easy one.

Project 02

Project 02

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